Monday, March 25, 2013

New inpatient medicine resource in AFP By Topic

- Kenny Lin, MD

Although some family physicians choose to transfer the primary care of hospitalized patients to other specialists, nearly two-thirds of physicians surveyed by the American Academy of Family Physicians in 2011 reported having hospital admission privileges, with similar proportions among recent residency graduates and physicians with 15 or more years of practice experience. In recognition of the essential role of family medicine in the inpatient setting, our newest AFP By Topic collection features links to key clinical content on 23 common conditions in hospitalized patients.

For example, a clinician managing a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis can consult a review article published in AFP earlier this month, while another recent article provides current information on the evaluation and treatment of patients with acute kidney injury. The Inpatient Medicine collection will be regularly updated with new content as it is published in all areas of the journal.