Monday, August 4, 2014

The most popular posts of January - June 2014

- Kenny Lin, MD, MPH

Diabetes, weight loss, the future of family medicine, antibiotic safety, and athlete's foot were the topics of the AFP Community Blog's top 5 most viewed posts from the first six months of 2014. Each of these posts has been viewed between 500 and 650 times to date.

1. Does metformin prevent recurrent events in diabetic patients with CAD? (January 20)

This study helps to reinforce that metformin (rather than a sulfonylurea) is the right choice when initiating treatment for type 2 diabetes. What to add when additional glycemic control is needed, however, remains up to each physician's clinical judgment.

2. Weight loss medications: how much of a solution are they? (March 10)

Frankly, I'd prefer to see us work to lessen biologic and environmental pressures instead of adding another pill to our patients' regimens. Our commitment as 21st century family physicians must be to our communities as well as our individual patients if we are ever to turn the tide of rising obesity rates.

3. The Future of Family Medicine - Some Sacrifices Required (June 16)

We are too well-trained to order colonoscopies and flu shots all day. Family doctors should find the sickest patients and care for them in a relational, longitudinal, team-based manner that demonstrates our value to payers, hospitals, and specialists and forces them to recognize our role in health care.

4. Azithromycin and levofloxacin safety concerns continue (March 24)

Although many physicians prefer basing practice change on a prospective study, retrospective studies are better suited than prospective studies to detect rare events.

5. What is the best topical antifungal for treating tinea pedis? (May 27)

Given that 1 week of therapy is preferable to most patients instead of 4, and the price difference is negligible (around $10-16 for 30 grams of either), I will still favor terbinafine over clotrimazole for treating tinea pedis.